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Specification:In October, there is something new with Algae Cream Beauty Care. Yup, Cream Beauty Care Algae change its brand image from Beauty Care to Beauty Care Plus. Replacement is done after the brand image through a process of periodic test checks the content of cream, to monitor the raw materials that can still be used and / or replace with new. To conform with developments in the world of cosmetics, especially about recent discoveries of natural substances that are used to provide the best results for skin health. In this latest composition, Beauty Care Plus is no longer using the Ganoderma lucidum ( Lingzhi mushroom) and vaseline on the grounds because the content becomes sticky, making allergies in some people, make the cream becomes unstable condition, less durable, quick change color and odor, vulnerable oxidized and contaminated. Also replace the Mineral Oil with Butter She ( Seed Nuts Africa) which serves as a natural moisturizer and helps eliminate wrinkles, scarring and closing the hole face because of acne scars. By following the latest cosmetic products, Beauty Care Plus add new content in the composition, namely Vitamin A, C and E that have been formulated blend with the cream can serve as a Serum Vit. C. Contains Vitamin A ( Palm trees) , C ( Sari Jeruk) and E ( Vit. E vegetable oil) . Lightening active ingredient and repair skin cells faster, more effective, natural and safe. Containing Alpha arbutin ( bearberry juice) , the AHA / Alpha Hidroxy Acid ( Peach Juice) , Glabridin ( small particles of natural bleach Licorice) . For Day Cream ( Day Cream) is formulated moisturizer containing SPF 25 and thus can protect the skin from sunburn. SPF 25 will keep its old skin and luminous white. Protecting the melanogenesis process ( the skin becomes brown) due to sunburn. Moisturizernya to maintain skin moisture.
So what are you waiting for, get your Cream Herbal Algae Beauty Care Plus package & get your beauty....
For more information, please go to our website: http: / / www.creamalgaeforbeauty.com

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